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Anthony Carrigan as Victor Zsasz from the Gotham episode "Penguin's Umbrella"

Anthony Carrigan (b. January 2, 1983) portrays Kyle Nimbus/The Mist on the series The Flash and Victor Zsasz on the series Gotham.

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Selected Filmography

The Flash 2014- Kyle Nimbus/The Mist
     "Things You Can't Outrun" October 21, 2014 Kyle Nimbus/The Mist
     "Power Outage" November 25, 2014 Kyle Nimbus/The Mist
     "Rogue Air" May 12, 2015 Kyle Nimbus/The Mist
Gotham 2014-2019 Victor Zsasz
     "Penguin's Umbrella" November 3, 2014 Victor Zsasz
     "What the Little Bird Told Him" January 19, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" January 26, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "The Blind Fortune Teller" February 16, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do..." September 21, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "Strike Force" October 12, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "Mommy's Little Monster" November 2, 2015 Victor Zsasz
     "Mad City: Anything for You" October 17, 2016 Victor Zsasz
     "Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster" November 28, 2016 Victor Zsasz
     "Mad City: Ghosts" January 16, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina" September 21, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper" September 28, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks" October 5, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head" October 12, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon" October 26, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom" November 30, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight" December 7, 2017 Victor Zsasz
     "A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship The Grand Applause" March 22, 2018 Victor Zsasz
     "Ruin" January 24, 2019 Victor Zsasz
     "The Trial of Jim Gordon" March 7, 2019 Victor Zsasz
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