Camila Perez Mug

Camila Perez as Bridgit Pike from the Gotham episode "Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle"

Camila Perez (b. May 13, 1994) portrayed Bridgit Pike on the series Gotham.

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Selected Filmography

Gotham 2014-2019 Bridgit Pike
     "Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle" May 8, 2017 Bridgit Pike[1]
     "Heroes Rise: Light the Wick" May 15, 2017 Bridgit Pike
     "Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling" June 5, 2017 Bridgit Pike
     "A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself" November 9, 2017 Bridgit Pike

  1. Perez took over the role for the series' third season from Michelle Veintimilla. The role was returned to Veintimilla with the character's second appearance in the fourth season.
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