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Charles Halford as Chas from a promotional still for Constantine

Charles Halford (b. February 28, 1980) portrayed Chas Chandler on the series Constantine and Jemm on the series Supergirl. He also voiced Gorilla Grodd for the video game Injustice 2 and Bibbo Bibbowski for the animated movie The Death of Superman.

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Selected Filmography

Constantine 2014-2015 Chas Chandler
     "Non Est Asylum" October 24, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "The Darkness Beneath" October 24, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "The Devil's Vinyl" November 7, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "Danse Vaudou" November 21, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "Rage of Caliban" November 28, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "Blessed Are the Damned" December 5, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "The Saint of Last Resorts" December 12, 2014 Chas Chandler
     "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part II" January 16, 2015 Chas Chandler
     "Angels and Ministers of Grace" February 6, 2015 Chas Chandler
Supergirl 2015- Jemm
     "Human for a Day" December 7, 2015 Jemm
Lucifer 2016- Boris Sokolov
     "My Little Monkey" November 7, 2016 Boris Sokolov
Injustice 2 May 16, 2017 Gorilla Grodd
The Death of SupermanJuly 24, 2018 Bibbo Bibbowski
Reign of the SupermenJanuary 13, 2019 Bibbo Bibbowski
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