Conor Leslie Mug

Conor Leslie as Donna Troy from the Titans episode "Donna Troy"

Conor Leslie (b. April 10, 1991) portrays Donna Troy on the series Titans.

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Selected Filmography

Titans 2018- Donna Troy
     "Donna Troy" November 30, 2018 Donna Troy
     "Koriand'r" December 14, 2018 Donna Troy
     "Trigon" September 6, 2019 Donna Troy
     "Rose" September 13, 2019 Donna Troy
     "Ghosts" September 20, 2019 Donna Troy
     "Aqualad" September 27, 2019 Donna Troy/Wonder Girl
     "Deathstroke" October 4, 2019 Donna Troy
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