Demore Barnes Mug

Demore Barnes as Henry Hewitt from the The Flash episode "The Fury of Firestorm"

Demore Barnes (b. November 16, 1976) portrays Henry Hewitt on the series The Flash and Wintergreen on the series Titans.

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Selected Filmography

The Flash 2014- Henry Hewitt
     "The Fury of Firestorm" October 27, 2015 Henry Hewitt/Tokamak
     "Welcome to Earth-2" February 9, 2016 Henry Hewitt (Earth-2)
     "Escape from Earth-2" February 16, 2016 Henry Hewitt (Earth-2)
Titans 2018- William Wintergreen
     "Trigon" September 6, 2019 William Wintergreen
     "Aqualad" September 27, 2019 William Wintergreen
     "Bruce Wayne" October 18, 2019 William Wintergreen
     "Jericho" October 25, 2019 William Wintergreen
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