Dylan Neal Mug

Dylan Neal as Anthony Ivo from the Arrow epsiode

Dylan Neal (b. October 8, 1969) portrayed Ray Sacks on Smallville and Anthony Ivo on Arrow.

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Selected Filmography

Smallville 2001-2011 Ray Sacks
     "Idol" November 13, 2009 Ray Sacks
     "Charade" April 23, 2010 Ray Sacks
Human Target 2010-2011 Wes Gibson
     "Run" February 8, 2010 Wes Gibson
Arrow 2012- Anthony Ivo
     "League of Assassins" November 6, 2013 Anthony Ivo
     "Keep Your Enemies Closer" November 13, 2013 Anthony Ivo
     "State v. Queen" November 20, 2013 Anthony Ivo
     "The Scientist" December 4, 2013 Anthony Ivo
     "Three Ghosts" December 11, 2013 Anthony Ivo
     "Blast Radius" January 15, 2014 Anthony Ivo
     "Blind Spot" January 22, 2014 Anthony Ivo
     "The Promise" March 5, 2014 Anthony Ivo
     "Deathstroke" April 2, 2014 Anthony Ivo
     "The Man Under the Hood" April 16, 2014 Anthony Ivo
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