Greg Ellis Mug

Greg Ellis as Myles Drucker from the Lucifer episode "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better"

Greg Ellis (b. March 21, 1968) is the stage name of British actor Johnny Rees. From 2016, he reverted to his birthname. Ellis has voiced a number of characters including:

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Selected Filmography

Teen Titans 2003-2006 Malchior
     "Spellbound" October 9, 2004 Malchior
Teen Titans (Home Console)October 16, 2005 Mad Mod
Legion of Super-Heroes 2006-2008 Drax
     "Phantoms" November 4, 2006 Drax

The Batman 2004-2008 Count Vertigo
     "Vertigo" October 6, 2007 Count Vertigo
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011 Various
     "Terror on Dinosaur Island!" November 21, 2008 Gentleman Ghost
     "Dawn of the Dead Man!" January 16, 2009 Gentleman Ghost
Doctor Canus
     "The Eyes of Despero!" February 6, 2009 Doctor Fate
     "Trials of the Demon!" March 20, 2009 Gentleman Ghost
     "The Last Bat On Earth!" June 19, 2009 Doctor Canus
     "When OMAC Attacks!" July 18, 2009 Hawk
     "The Fate of Equinox!" July 25, 2009 Doctor Fate
     "A Bat Divided!" February 5, 2010 Cavalier
Computer Voice
Nuclear Engineer
     "The Malicious Mr. Mind!" January 20, 2011 Doctor Canus
Mister Mind
     "Night of the Batmen!" April 29, 2011 Cavalier
     "Bold Beginnings!" August 2, 2011 Cavalier
Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The VideogameSeptember 7, 2010 Gentleman Ghost
Beware the Batman 2013-2014 Milo Match
     "Allies" September 15, 2013 Milo Match
     "Reckoning" August 17, 2014 Milo Match
Batman: Assault on ArkhamJuly 25, 2014 Captian Boomerang
Lucifer 2016- Myles Drucker
     "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" April 23, 2018 Myles Drucker
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