Kerrigan Mahan (b. January 27, 1955) voiced Edwin Alva for the animated series Static Shock.
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Selected Filmography

Batman Beyond 1999-2001 Various
     "Zeta" April 8, 2000 Baker
     "Plague" April 15, 2000 Kobra One
     "Unmasked" December 18, 2001 Main Kobra Op
Static Shock 2000-2004 Edwin Alva
     "Aftershock" September 30, 2000 Edwin Alva
     "The New Kid" November 18, 2000 Edwin Alva
     "Junior" February 10, 2001 Edwin Alva
     "Trouble Squared" April 26, 2003 Edwin Alva
     "No Man's an Island" February 21, 2004 Edwin Alva
     "Where the Rubber Meets the Road" March 27, 2004 Edwin Alva
     "Kidnapped" May 15, 2004 Edwin Alva
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