Marina Sirtis Mug

Marina Sirtis as Marie Granger from the Titans episode "Hank and Dawn"

Marina Sirtis (b. March 29, 1955) portrayed Marie Granger on the series Titans and voiced Queen Bee for the animated series Young Justice.

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Selected Filmography

Young Justice 2010- Queen Bee
     "Bereft" March 11, 2011 Queen Bee
     "Image" March 17, 2012 Queen Bee
Sandra Stanyon
     "Usual Suspects" April 14, 2012 Queen Bee
     "Beneath" May 26, 2012 Queen Bee
     "Intervention" March 2, 2013 Queen Bee
     "Home Fires" January 18, 2019 Queen Bee
Titans 2018- Marie Granger
     "Hank and Dawn" December 7, 2018 Marie Granger
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