Michael Pataki Mug 1

Michael Pataki as Amenophis Tewfik from the Batman episode "The Spell of Tut"

Michael Pataki (b. January 16, 1938 - d. April 15, 2010) voiced The Sewer King for the animated series Batman.

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Selected Filmography

Batman 1966-1968 Amenophis Tewfik
     "The Spell of Tut" September 28, 1966 Amenophis Tewfik
     "Tut's Case is Shut" September 29, 1966 Amenophis Tewfik
Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 The Sewer King
     "The Underdwellers" October 21, 1992 The Sewer King
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