Mike Erwin (b. August 31, 1978) voiced Speedy for the animated series Teen Titans and reprised the role for the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

When Teen Titans was revived as Teen Titans Go!, Erwin did not return to the role. Scott Menville tool over the character.
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Selected Filmography

Teen Titans 2003-2006 Speedy
     "Winner Take All" March 6, 2004 Speedy
     "Titans East, Part I" January 14, 2005 Speedy
     "Titans East, Part II" January 22, 2005 Speedy
     "For Real" October 15, 2005 Speedy
Computer Geek
     "Calling All Titans" January 7, 2006 Additional voices
     "Titans Together" January 14, 2006 Additional voices
Teen Titans (Home Console)October 16, 2005 Speedy
Justice League Unlimited 2004-2008 Speedy
     "Patriot Act" February 25, 2006 Roy Harper/Speedy
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