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Paloma Faith as Bet Sykes from a promotional still for Pennyworth.

Paloma Faith (b. July 21, 1981) portrayed Bet Sykes on Pennyworth.

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Selected Filmography

Pennyworth 2019- Bet Sykes
     "Pilot" July 28, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "The Landlord's Daughter" August 4, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "Martha Kane" August 11, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "Lady Penelope" August 11, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "Shirley Bassey" August 18, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "Cilla Black" August 25, 2019 Bet Sykes
     "Julie Christie" September 8, 2019 Bet Sykes

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