Phyllis Coates Mug

Phyllis Coates from an unspecified episode of Adventures of Superman

Phyllis Coates (b. January 15, 1927) portrayed Lois Lane in the film Superman and the Mole Men and on the first season of the series Adventures of Superman. With the series second season, the role was taken over by Noel Neill. In 1994 she portrayed Ellen Lane in an episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman introducing the character. The role was passed to Beverly Garland for later appearances in the series.

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Selected Filmography

Project Date Role
Superman and the Mole Men November 23, 1951 Lois Lane
Adventures of Superman 1952-1958
     A full episode list is provided below with characters listed per episode
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1993-1997
     "The House of Luthor" May 8, 1994 Ellen Lane[1]

Adventures of Superman

Episode Date Role
"Superman on Earth" September 19, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Case of the Talkative Dummy" October 3, 1952 Lois Lane
"Mystery of the Broken Statues" October 10, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Monkey Mystery" October 17, 1952 Lois Lane
"Night of Terror" October 24, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Birthday Letter" October 31, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Mind Machine" November 7, 1952 Lois Lane
"Rescue" November 14, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Secret of Superman" November 21, 1952 Lois Lane
"No Holds Barred" November 28, 1952 Lois Lane
"The Deserted Village" December 5, 1952 Lois Lane
"Mystery in Wax" December 19, 1952 Lois Lane
"Treasure of the Incas" December 26, 1952 Lois Lane
"Double Trouble" January 2, 1953 Lois Lane
"The Runaway Robot" January 9, 1953 Lois Lane
"Riddle of the Chinese Jade" January 30, 1953 Lois Lane
"The Human Bomb" February 6, 1953 Lois Lane
"Ghost Wolf" February 20, 1953 Lois Lane
"Crime Wave" February 27, 1953 Lois Lane[2]

  1. Coats portrayed Ellen Lane for her first appearance. The role was recast with Beverly Garland for later appearances.
  2. Between the end of filming of the first seasons of Adventures of Superman and the beginning of filming of the second season, Coates left the show and was replaced by Noel Neill.