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Richard Moll as Mister Moore from the Smallville episode "Nocturne"

Richard Moll (b. January 13, 1943) voiced Harvey Dent/Two-Face and the Batcomputer on the animated series Batman.

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Selected Filmography

Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 Two-Face
     "On Leather Wings" September 6, 1992 Harvey Dent
Security Guard
     "Pretty Poison" September 14, 1992 Harvey Dent
     "Nothing to Fear" September 15, 1992 Batcomputer
Thomas Wayne[1]
     "The Last Laugh" September 22, 1992 Batcomputer
     "Two-Face, Part I" September 25, 1992 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Two-Face, Part II" September 28, 1992 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Thomas Wayne
     "The Forgotten" October 8, 1992 Batcomputer
     "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" October 29, 1992 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Almost Got 'Im" November 10, 1992 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "His Silicon Soul" November 20, 1992 Computer
     "Shadow of the Bat, Part I" September 13, 1993 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Shadow of the Bat, Part II" September 14, 1993 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Trial" May 16, 1994 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Second Chance" September 17, 1994 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Superman: The Animated Series 1996-2000 Emperor Spooj
     "The Main Man, Part II" November 16, 1996 Emperor Spooj
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999 Two-Face
     "Sins of the Father" September 20, 1997 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
     "Judgment Day" October 31, 1998 Harvey Dent/Two-Face
The Zeta Project 2001-2002 Rodin Krick
     "Lost and Found" May 11, 2002 Rodin Krick
Justice League 2001-2004 Java
     "Metamorphosis, Part I" October 4, 2002 Java
Mister Braddock
     "Metamorphosis, Part II" October 11, 2002 Java
Mister Braddock
Smallville 2001-2011 Mister Moore
     "Nocturne" October 22, 2002 Mister Moore
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011 Lew Moxon
     "Chill of the Night!" April 9, 2010 Lew Moxon

  1. Moll voiced the first two of Thomas Wayne's speaking appearances. The remainder were voiced by Kevin Conroy.
  2. Two-Face was voiced by James Remar for the bulk of the character's appearances. Moll took over the role for the character's final appearance.
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