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Ryan McDonell as Stuart Campbell from the Smallville episode "Sacrifice"

Ryan McDonell (b. July 13, 1983) portrayed Stuart Campbell on the series Smallville.

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Selected Filmography

Smallville 2001-2011 Stuart Campbell
     "Metallo" October 2, 2009 Stuart Campbell
     "Crossfire" October 30, 2009 Stuart Campbell
     "Pandora" November 20, 2009 Stuart Campbell
     "Sacrifice" April 30, 2010 Stuart Campbell
Arrow 2012- Uniformed Police Officer
     "City of Blood" April 30, 2014 Uniformed Police Officer
iZombie 2015-2019 Jamie Brennan
     "Dirt Nap Time" May 16, 2017 Jamie Brennan
The Flash 2014- Kurt Weaver
     "Mixed Signals" October 17, 2017 Kurt Weaver
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