Salome Jens Mug

Salome Jens as Martha Kent from the Superboy episode "Abandon Earth"

Salome Jens (b. May 8, 1935) portrayed Martha Kent on the series Superboy and a female Guardian in the film Green Lantern.

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Selected Filmography

Superboy 1988-1992 Martha Kent
     "Troubled Waters" December 10, 1988 Martha Kent
     "Revenge of the Alien, Part I" February 4, 1989 Martha Kent
     "Revenge of the Alien, Part II" February 11, 1989 Martha Kent
     "The Phantom of the Third Division" April 29, 1989 Martha Kent
     "Abandon Earth" February 17, 1990 Martha Kent
     "Escape to Earth" February 24, 1990 Martha Kent
     "Rebirth, Part I" February 9, 1991 Martha Kent
     "Rebirth, Part II" February 16, 1991 Martha Kent
     "Rites of Passage, Part I" May 10, 1992 Martha Kent
     "Rites of Passage, Part II" May 17, 1992 Martha Kent
Green LanternJune 17, 2011 Female Guardian
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