Sean Maher Mug

Sean Maher as Mark Scheffer from the Arrow episode "Blast Radius"

Sean Maher (b. April 16, 1975) played Mark Scheffer on the series Arrow and voiced Nightwing in the animated movies Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin.

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Selected Filmography

Human Target 2010-2011 Aaron Cooper
     "Embassy Row" January 25, 2010 Aaron Cooper
Arrow 2012- Mark Scheffer
     "Blast Radius" January 15, 2014 Mark Scheffer
     "Suicide Squad" March 19, 2014 Mark Scheffer
Son of BatmanMay 6, 2014 Nightwing
Batman vs. RobinApril 14, 2015 Nightwing
Batman: Bad BloodFebruary 2, 2016 Nightwing
Justice League vs. Teen TitansMarch 29, 2016 Nightwing
Teen Titans: The Judas ContractApril 4, 2017 Nightwing
Batman: HushJuly 20, 2019 Nightwing
Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen TitansSeptember 24, 2019 Nightwing
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