Steve Harris (b. December 3, 1965) voiced Ethan Bennett for the animated series The Batman.
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Selected Filmography

The Batman 2004-2008 Ethan Bennett
     "The Bat in the Belfry" September 11, 2004 Ethan Bennett
     "Call of the Cobblepot" September 25, 2004 Ethan Bennett
     "Traction" September 18, 2004 Ethan Bennett
     "The Man Who Would Be Bat" October 2, 2004 Ethan Bennett
     "The Big Chill" October 30, 2004 Ethan Bennett
     "Topsy Turvy" February 5, 2005 Ethan Bennett
     "The Rubberface of Comedy" April 30, 2005 Ethan Bennett
     "The Clayface of Tragedy" May 7, 2005 Ethan Bennett/Clayface
     "Meltdown" June 25, 2005 Ethan Bennett/Clayface
     The Batman (TV Series) Episode: Grundy's Night Ethan Bennett/Clayface   {{{2}}}
     "Clayfaces" October 7, 2006 Ethan Bennett/Clayface
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