Trevor Devall (b. November 10, 1972) voiced a number of DC characters, including:

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Selected Filmography

Batman vs. RobinApril 14, 2015 Jack
Teen Titans Go! 2013- Various
     "Video Game References" April 16, 2015 Old Man
Spy Villain
     "The Fourth Wall" October 20, 2015 Whimsy Beast Boy
Whimsy Starfire
Justice League: Gods and MonstersJuly 14, 2015 Emil Hamilton
Vixen 2015-2016 Various
     "202" October 21, 2016 Drake
Mr. Jones
Justice League Action 2016-2018 Various
     "Trick or Threat" March 18, 2017 Cain
Bully #2
     "All Aboard the Space Train" July 1, 2017 Jonah Hex
Vixen: The MovieMay 23, 2017 Drake
Mr. Jones
Batman and Harley QuinnAugust 14, 2017 Bobby Liebowitz
Suicide Squad: Hell to PayMarch 27, 2018 Punch
Thug #1
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman: Rage of AtlantisJuly 22, 2018 Ocean Master
The Death of SupermanJuly 24, 2018 Dabney Donovan
Bruno Mannheim
Reign of the SupermenJanuary 13, 2019 Dabney Donovan
G. Gordon Godfrey
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