Violett Beane Mug

Violett Beane as Jesse Wells from the The Flash episode "The New Rogues"

Violett Beane (b. May 18, 1996) portrays Jesse Wells on the series The Flash.

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Selected Filmography

The Flash 2014- Jesse Wells
     "The Darkness and the Light" November 3, 2015 Jesse Wells
     "Enter Zoom" November 10, 2015 Jesse Wells
     "Running to Stand Still" December 8, 2015 Jesse Wells
     "Welcome to Earth-2" February 9, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Escape from Earth-2" February 16, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "King Shark" February 23, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Trajectory" March 22, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Back to Normal" April 26, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Rupture" May 3, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "The Runaway Dinosaur" May 10, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Invincible" May 17, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "The Race of His Life" May 24, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "Magenta" October 18, 2016 Jesse Wells
     "The New Rogues" October 25, 2016 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
     "Untouchable" February 7, 2017 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
     "Attack on Gorilla City" February 21, 2017 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
     "Attack on Central City" February 28, 2017 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
     "The Wrath of Savitar" March 7, 2017 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
     "Into the Speed Force" March 14, 2017 Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick
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