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Adam is a clone created by the DNA Project from the cells of the first clone of Jim Harper and of Dubbilex.

He rose through the ranks of the Project and gained enough influence to be able to remove the original Newsboy Legion from the staff.

Following a battle between Orion and Kalibak in the facility, Adam took over control violently and developed an army of clones with electrical implants that subjected him to the control of a gigantic brain also of his creation.

On the verge of triumph, Adam was confronted by Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, sons of the Newsboy Legion and the clones of Jim Harper and Dubbilex. Adam contained Superman using miniature clones of the Justice League, while narrowly overcoming the others' using a sonic weapon that crippled his enemies. Before Adam could decisively defeat those who stood between him and victory, Lois Lane altered the settings of the sonic weapon, which now targeted the giant brain Adam had created. Adam was unable to re-set the weapon before the brain was destroyed. Without the brain, Adam's army of clones perished, and Adam's plans crumbled.

His ultimate goals were the destruction of the human race and the takeover by his clones.




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