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Adam Blake was a human born with abilities that mankind wouldn't possess for thousands of years, who used those abilities for the purpose of good as the superhero Captain Comet.

After years of traveling in space and coupled with his advanced human physiology Adam's aging process appeared to have slow down since his first appearance in 1951. Adam joined Superman's Justice League to capture and contain all rogue metahumans in the hopes that they would use their abilities to protect mankind.

However, as more meta-humans chose not to join the Justice League upon their capture, the Justice League was forced to create a rehabilitation center that would contain and re-educate them on the proper use of their abilities, which was eventually called the "Gulag". Adam served as its warden to deal with the hard cases such as Von Bach, who tried to attack him but was immediately knocked down by Adam. Eventually the entire metahuman population of the "Gulag" revolted against their captors and Adam was killed in the process by Von Bach.

  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations, Captain Comet represent the new direction into heavier science fiction being applied to super-heroes. His attire is most similar to his earliest costume with a helmet more akin to those used in 2001: A Space Odyssey.



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