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Adam "Captain Boomerang" Clay was an Australian aviator during World War II.

Adam Clay lived with his Australian parents on a plantation in Burma. During World War II the Japanese invaded the country before Clay's family could get out. Only Adam Clay escaped on his family's crop duster and the death of his family changed him, but it also made him strong. He founded a group of disenfranchised fliers from around the world like himself affected by the Axis and forming a private air corps. Due to Adam's Australian background and most especially after the team's planes, with their distinctive V-wing formation, he adopted the nickname Captain Boomerang. Clay and his corps fought throughout World War II and other fantastic adventures. After fighting other wars in the fight for freedom, Clay stayed young from genetic surgery thus never having to retire or stand down as leader.

Clay also had a lover, reporter Michelle Curry, and wanted to propose his marriage to her. Although Michelle wanted her independence, she couldn't decide. Eventually, Clay unknowingly impregnated Michelle, who then secretly gave birth to their son Arthur. After Michelle's pregnancy, she accepted to marry Clay through a letter while she was acting as a war correspondent on the frontlines in the 1968 Czechoslovakian war. Unfortunately, the letter didn't arrive and Michelle tragically died in battle. Years later, Clay fatefully first met his biological son during the midst of an attack from a team of aerial villains known as the Darkstars. After having dealt with the Darkstars in which Arthur also helped Clay's air corps, Clay was impressed with Arthur's talents and accepted him in joining his corps.