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Adam Cray was the Atom, impersonating Ray Palmer. He was a member of the Suicide Squad.


Adam Cray was the son of the murdered Senator Cray. At first Cray was widely believed to be Ray Palmer in disguise, when he had actually been recruited by Palmer himself. Palmer faked his death in order to apprehend the Micro Squad, as well as uncover information about a shadowy government cabal who were interested in his knowledge of the other heroes' secret identities, now that Palmer's was public. While Palmer infiltrated the Micro Squad, Cray gathered the attention of the Cabal as the new Atom, so that no one would notice Palmer assuming the identity of a fallen Micro Squad member.

Suicide Squad

Cray ran with the Suicide Squad for a short while, serving as a secret weapon most of the time, and his existence was, for a while, even unknown to others of the Squad. Cray even saved a wounded Amanda Waller from a group of assassins. At one point, Cray approached Deadshot about the fact that he had murdered his father. Deadshot told Cray that he would get one free shot at him. Soon after, on a mission, Cray was impaled through the chest by Blacksnake, a Micro Squad member who believed him to be Palmer.

After Cray's death, Palmer revealed himself and defeated Cray's murderer. The ruse ended with Palmer explaining himself to the Justice League, who had been searching for him after hearing rumours of a new Atom.

Blackest Night

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Cray's corpse was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps alongside several other fallen Suicide Squad members.[1] Following his reanimation, Cray and the other Black Lanterns travelled to Belle Reve and attacked Bane and Black Alice.[2] Cray was destroyed by a Manhunter's self destruct mechanism which unleashed an explosion of Green Lantern energy that eradicated the Black Lanterns.[3]


  • Size Alteration: Like others who carry the name Atom, Cray had the power to shrink. The lower limits of this power are unknown.




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