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Adam Creyke is a rogue United States Army veteran and a close friend of Kristen Kramer before he led her team into a death trap.

When he was a kid, Adam Creyke befriended Kristen Kramer, seeing her as a "sister" as they had only each other because they were not very popular in their Native American community.[1]

At some point in time, Creyke, along with Kramer, joined the United States Army, becoming a Warrant Officer.[2] However, he went rogue and sold out Kramer's team: the night before the Operation Griffin, Creyke convinced her to not go along with her squad; as her unit was ambushed during the mission, resulting in the deaths of 12 soldiers, Kramer became aware of Creyke's betrayal and promised herself to arrest him. Creyke was forced to go underground to escape his former friend's hunt.[1]

Years later, Joe West discovered Creyke and Kramer's feud and decided to help her catch him once and for all;[1] they eventually tracked him down to a forest but their car was blown up by Creyke who was aware of their arrival.[2] As they survived the ambush, Adam Creyke tried to hunt them down but the two police members were able to escape and catch him: Joe West convinced Kramer to not kill Creyke and let him being arrested.[3]


  • Adam Creyke was portrayed by Julian Black Antelope.
  • According to Joe West, Adam Creyke was a metahuman but it was never shown on-screen that he actually had powers.



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