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Benjamin Carroll is Alter, a violent serial killer with multiple personalities.

Adam Kroft grew up as an abused child, horribly mistreated by his parents. Upon learning that he had the metagene-induced power to transform himself into a hulking, super-strong monster, Kroft took it upon himself to seek violent revenge. Not only on his own parents, but on any parents whom he felt had abused their children.

Adam was adopted by his aunt, Mrs. Carroll, who raised him in a strict religious household, believing in his redemption. In adulthood he became a cop. Now Detective Benjamin Carroll in Washington, D.C., he hoped to redeem himself. Carroll disapproved of vigilantism and had several run-ins with the resident super-hero Steel.

The dark side remained, though. The violent personality called itself Alter - as in alter ego, but without the ego.[1] He killed more people, including Rosie Kurtz, whose involvement in the occult was not to his liking. Carroll believed Steel had committed the murder.[2]

His rampage was ultimately stopped by Steel and Lt. Shauna Beryl. He was incarcerated at the Slab.[1]

Some months later, Kroft joined forces with Sonar in an attempted escape. This jailbreak was thwarted by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and the Sledge.[3]


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