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Lieutenant Adam Peril was a US Navy officer on a mission to fight river pirates in New Orleans in 1801.

While in Philadelphia, President Thomas Jefferson arranged a secret meeting with Lt. Peril to send him after an "empire of evil" forming in New Orleans - a pirate league known as the Brethren of the Black Flag. They planned to send Lt. Peril undercover to put a stop to the pirates along with another agent of theirs, Anita Galvez. She was undercover as a dancer at the Cafe Leroix. However, Peril was intercepted by the pirate, Master Chalfont and brought to Captain Teche.

After escaping his bonds, Lt. Peril, Galvez, and the defecting pirate Tiny fought off Captain Teche and his crew. The three take the former pirate ship and swear allegiance to continue their crusade against the Brethren of the Black Flag. With Tiny rounding up other defecting pirates, Peril assembled his crew and set out on his mission as captain.[1]

Their first target was Captain Phantom and his ship, The Flying Ghost. Captain Phantom would attack and raid merchant ships before mysteriously disappearing into thin air. Captain Peril attempted to engage the ghost ship in combat after it damaged the merchant vessel The Dandy, but Phantom escaped. After setting a trap, Peril, Anita, and Tiny managed to overtake Phantom and his crew.[2]

They next went after the pirate fugitive from the Barbary Coast, King Cobra. After recruiting his former crewman, Red Roger, Captain Peril pursued the pirate. However, he discovered that Galvez snuck aboard Cobra's ship. Putting his third-in-command, Ezekial, in charge of the ship, Peril and Tiny stormed King Cobra's island stronghold.

Peril overheard a conversation between Cobra and Galvez. According to Cobra, she had fled his crew to join Cobra, betraying him. However, Cobra's venomous pet snake mistrusted her, leading Cobra to suspect she was lying to him. Attempting to poison her, Peril and Tiny attacked. Cobra and his crew overpowered them, tying them to post to be injected with the poison of Cobra's pet. Tiny managed to escape, though, and fatally wounded the snake, throwing the animal into a rage, biting Cobra himself.[3]

The last known pirate Captain Peril took down was Captain Rover Pogue, the man responsible for the theft of the king of Spain's signet. Pogue planned to sell the item on the black market in New Orleans. Peril went undercover as pirate buyer to trap Captain Pogue while Galvez tracked down her former contacts.

Peril and Tiny tracked down Pogue's buyer, Monsieur Chavoi, claimed to be the best blade in France. However, Pogue recognized the two and convinced Chavoi to drug their drinks. With Peril and Tiny seemingly unconscious, Galvez convinced Pogue's first mate, Black Luke, that he had been betrayed and they set out for Chavoi's plantation. It turned out that Captain Peril and Tiny faked drinking the poisoned liquid.

In the ensuing fight, Chavoi stole the signet and escaped, with Tiny killing Captain Pogue, and Peril killing Black Luke. Chavoi attempted to flee to Pogue's pirate ship, but Peril's crew had overthrown it. In a final battle, Captain Peril fought Chavoi to the death in a pit of quicksand, sinking both him and the Spanish signet.[4]



  • The Raider: The former pirate vessel of Captain Teche commandeered by Lt. Adam Peril, secret agent Anita Galvez, and the defector pirate Tiny.

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