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The Glass King was an enemy of Mister Scarlet.

Glass magnate Adam Slink was renowned as a crooked businessman. He made his money swindling investors, which made him a man of many enemies. He lived in a secluded, hard to reach mansion outside of town. When his banker, Bates, discovered a shady stock deal and threatened to expose him, Slink set an elaborate plan in motion. "The Glass King" was supposedly a wronged business rival out to kill him.

Under the ruse of a big merger he was planning, he invited Bates and attorney Brian Butler over for dinner. He first set up a trap on the road to the mansion, but while Bates was wounded, Butler survived - and Mister Scarlet and Pinky were now on the case. Slink gave them the slip by using mirror tricks. While Bates recovered in the mansion, Slink moved on to the next step, the main reason why he invited Butler: as an alibi. With more mirror tricks, he planned to scare Bates and chase him down a hall - where a neck-high razor sharp mirror would be waiting for him. Mister Scarlet and Pinky were on to him and easily overpowered him. Mister Scarlet had been suspicious of him for some time, because even though the Glass King threatened Slink, all his actions were aimed at Bates. Slink managed to get loose and escape, but in his hurry he had forgotten about his own trap in the hallway and died by it.