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Quote1 I share homes between the two planets. Scholar on one world, interstellar champion on the other. But I'm originally from Earth, before I was transported to the planet Rann by their Zeta-Beam. Quote2
Adam Strange src

Adam Strange was transported to Rann by a Zeta-Beam. With the help chief scientist Sardath, he became one of its most powerful fighters. He married Sardath's daughter, Alanna.

Adam had several adventures on Rann; and on two occasions he required the help of the Justice League.

Hunting Shadow Thief

Shadow Thief stole Zeta-Beam technology, framing Thanagarians in the process. After being released from Hawkman's mind, he was able to escape Rann. Adam was able to track his movements, but couldn't catch-up to him. He made his way to Paris, where he found Green Lantern and Hawkgirl investigating Shadow Thief's latest crime scene. Adam brought the pair to home of the Gruktharr. Attracting the natives, Shadow Thief took the opportunity to capture Hawkgirl. He began to gloat that their weapons couldn't harm him, only for Green Lantern to shoot him with a Nth Metal bullet.[1]




  • Adam Strange appeared only in DCAU comics.