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Adam Strange was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum as one of the many who were suffering premonitions of The Centre's coming.

His attending psychiatrist was Leslie Thompkins, who managed to kept federal authorities from apprehending him.[1] When The Centre had made its appearance known, Strange was freed by Thompkins, who finally believed him and his tales of traveling to the planet Rann. During his stay in Arkham, he had read a magazine article on Raymond Palmer and his matter reduction device. This provided Adam with the basis of an idea to defeat the Centre. After picking up Palmer, Adam introduced him to the other experts and scientists working to stop The Centre. Their plan incorporated Palmer's device in a two-stage assault. Strange was among the heroes that battled The Centre's mutant dinosaurs.[2]

  • In the animated adaption of Justice League: The New Frontier Adam Strange is briefly glimpsed in one of John Jones' news clippings early on in the film. During the climax, he is one of the heroes who answers the call to fight the Centre. Unlike in the graphic novel, Strange didn't bring Ray Palmer to Cape Canaveral; this role was filled by Batman.