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Adam Strange is a time traveler from the future. After coming to Krypton, he warned Seg-El of the coming of Brainiac.


  • Archaeology: Adam entered the college of archaeology, but abandoned it in the first year.[1]


  • Zeta-Beam: The Zeta-Beam allows Adam to travel in time and space.[1]

  • He's a Detroit Tigers fan.[2] His hometown is hence Detroit; Michigan in the United States of America back on Earth.
  • After the release of Krypton: "House of Zod", in which Adam Strange flirts with a naked male Sagitari soldier, actor Shaun Sipos explained his character in this scene on his Twitter account: "Krypton defies gender, race, and sexual orientation."[3] And in an interview during San Diego Comic-Con '18, Sipos talked about the decision to make Adam Strange bisexual or sexually fluid. For him, Adam is "moving between any and all [sexual labels]. There don't need to be lines here."[4]