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Adam Strange was the 22nd century descendant of his illustrious namesake, and was a historian connected to the Rann Museum.

When Space Ranger and Cryll came to Rann to uncover a mysterious archaeological find on Zulcan involving his ancestor, Adam donned the old costume and joined the Space Ranger on his mission to Zulcan.

After successfully unravelling the mystery—an ancient weapon that went haywire—Adam vowed to uphold the values of his ancestor, and protect the universe as the new Adam Strange.



Rannian Jet Pack


Rannian Ray Gun

  • This version of Adam Strange, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.