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Quote1 Rage grows from murder, hope from prayer. Quote2
Sinestro src

Adara, the Entity of Hope, is the physical embodiment of hope. It found a human host in Nicole Morrison.


  • Hope-Induced Energy Control/Manipulation: Adara, as the embodiment of hope, is capable of generating and manipulating vast amounts of energy. Adara is capable of all of the immense abilities and powers of a Blue Lantern Ring but without the restrictions of needing willpower to operate. Adara is also capable of creating solid energy constructs like the loved ones of people feeling despair or rage to give them hope. It's energy projection abilities are colored blue.
    • Hope Projection: Adara has immense power for casting and instilling hope in others. It can bring hope to entire worlds.
    • Possession: It can possess a host. While it is assumed this would be a host who feels/inspires great hope, it may also be capable of taking a host simply to spread hope.
    • Reality Alteration
    • Flight
  • Immortality: As a living entity of an emotional concept, Adara is for all purposes undying.
  • Revival of Dead/Dying Stars: Adara has the ability to de-age dying or dead stars into blue stars.[1]