Although his real name has not been publicly revealed, thanks to pressure put on the authorities by his surviving family members, it is known that the third man to call himself the Adder was an expert with knives who once made his living as a vaudeville performer with a knife-throwing act. However, he was unsatisfied with his meager earnings and so became a thief on the side; when he was caught in the act at one point, he became a killer as well. He then stashed his loot in the lining of a theatrical trunk, which he disposed of at a pawn shop while he went into hiding until the heat was off.

Approximately two years later, the Adder came back for the trunk, only to find that the pawnbroker had just sold it to someone else. Enraged, the Adder killed the hapless store owner and went in search of the trunk. The murder came to the attention of the costumed heroes Doll Man and Doll Girl, who pursued and fought the Adder; at first he was able to subdue them both and tried to kill them, but they escaped and ultimately brought the Adder to justice. The Adder was tried and convicted of murder, and, in a rare case of justice being somewhat swifter than usual, died in the electric chair 18 months later.






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