Addie Cramp was the mother of Gertrude Cramp, who also went by the stage name Rita Farr.

Addie Cramp supported her daughter's passion for acting and theatrics, trying to get her parts in moving pictures.

In 1930, Gertrude won a pageant and received a chance to meet the famed actress Ethel Singer. Both Addie and her husband Vance Cramp took their daughter to meet the actress in Hollywood.

In 1933, when Gertrude was a little girl and the two were living together in Burbank, California, Addie traumatized her daughter when Gertrude secretly saw her have sex with a producer to get Gertrude an important acting part.

Years later, Addie would die, [1] and Gertrude would survive into the 21st century, still as a young woman, due to an accident that gave her superpowers.



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