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Adeline "Addie" Kane was the former wife of Slade Wilson and mother of Grant and Joseph Wilson. She is the founder and director of Searchers, Inc., and was a frequent ally of the Teen Titans. Before her marriage, Kane was a army instructor training recruits for the military program Team 7. After the death of her sons, she blamed Slade, vowing to kill him and Pat Trayce, his new lover. Kane later wore a Vigilante suit and came into conflict with Slade and Ravager.

Eventually, Slade gave Kane some of his own serum-altered blood to save her life. So she became unable to die from physical trauma or aging, but this also was driving her quite mad. She then turned herself into the H.I.V.E. Mistress, focusing on superheroes as the reason for her sons' death and creating a plan to kill all of them. When she regained her sanity, Kane asked Slade to kill her and reunite her with their children. As he was unable to make this, Starfire killed her instead.

Adeline Kane was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, first appearing in New Teen Titans #34 (1983).

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