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Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany during World War II.

As a young man growing up in Vienna, Adolf Hitler was a struggling artist in 1913. He was befriended by a 13-year old Jenny Sparks. When Sparks was about to leave Vienna, she came to say goodbye to Hitler and advised him that his inability to sell his paintings is due to a lack of artistic talent. She suggested him of trying politics instead, which unfortunately and indirectly caused him to become the very dictator of Germany and plunging the world into World War II.

Hitler eventually entered into German military service during the First World War. He was targeted for assassination by Anton Paulus from the future in order to allow Paulus' father to become the next and more capable leader of Germany. Paulus had a bomb-rigged Midnighter sent back in time in the midst of the Western Front to kill Hitler. In the process, Midnighter inadvertently helped Hitler and kicked him in the groin.[1] Midnighter's attempt to assassinate Hitler was prevented by the time police of the far future.[2]

By the time of World War Two, Hitler was reunited with a captured Jenny Sparks, who was stealing a Tibetan Egg from the Nazis from allowing them having the power to win the war. When learning that Sparks was about to be send and be dissected at Dachau, he still remembered her for being the only person who helped him in his worst times and ordered that she be set free and return to England.[3] Until the very end of the war in Europe, Hitler was about to commit his suicide in the Führerbunker and was visited again by Midnighter. The once powerful dictator was a completely weary old man with his life gone. The sight of him surprised Midnighter and allowed the dictator to commit suicide along with his wife Eva Braun.

This character is a fictional representation of Adolf Hitler, a real person. More information on this person can be found at Wikipedia.org.