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Adolf Hitler the Second was the leader of the Nazi Party, who succeeded his father Adolf Hitler the First after his death.[1] He resides on Earth 10, a universe where Superman (known as Overman in this universe) crash landed in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.

Hitler the First reverse engineered the technology from the baby's pod to win the Second World War, conquering the entire world.[2] Adolf the Second rules the modern day Nazi Party, therefore ruling over the entire planet Earth.[3]

The rule of Adolf the Second was eventually threatened by the resurgent Freedom Fighters. As the Freedom Fighters' presence encouraged the American people to rise up against the Nazi Regime and therefore allowing Uncle Sam to grow stronger, Adolf the Second failed in repeated attempts to crush the Freedom Fighters. Hitler reluctantly resorted to unleashing the Cyborg Overman against them, but only capturing Doll Woman and the Human Bomb. However, Adolf the Second was unwilling to release Cyborg Overman a second time, as the Cyborg's skin grafts were badly damaged and exposing it to the public will badly demoralized the Nazi Regime's people and its soldiers upon learning that the real Overman had abandoned them.[4]

When the Freedom Fighters lay siege to the Doomsday Bunker, and combined with multiple uprisings across America, Hitler quickly conceded to defeat. At this moment of weakness and defeatism, his son Adolf Hitler III murdered his father by slicing his throat and took over as the new Führer.[4]