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Adolphe Barreaux (b. January 9, 1899 – d.October 23, 1985) was a writer.

Personal History

Born Adolphus Barreaux Gripon in Charleston, South Carolina, Barreaux moved with two of his aunts to New York City during his teenage years. There, he changed his name to Adolphe Leslie Barreaux and would from then on claim to have been born in New Jersey to hide his mixed heritage.[1]

Adolphe Barreaux had two sons named Adolphe Leslie de Griponne Barreaux III and Theodore Eugene Charles Barreaux. On October 3, 1965 his elderly mother, Georgiana Barreaux Gripon, died in Brooklyn at the age of ninety-two.

Professional History

Adolphe Barreaux was an adult comic strip writer. In the late 1940s he illustrated children's books, such as "Seven Round the Mountain," "A Treasury of Humor for Boys & Girls," and "A Treasury of Good Night Stories."

Work History


The comic Vera Ray was named after his wife Vera Marie Barreaux.


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