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Adonis is a self-centered villain who wears a power suit.

Adonis first showed up at a animal testing laboratory to challenge the Titans with his battlesuit, which holds most of the team at bay until Beast Boy became angry enough to attack him ferociously, destroying his battlesuit and revealing the frail person that he actually is. Later on, as Beast Boy was going through uncontrollable changes into a Werebeast creature due to a chemical that spilled on him from his previous fight with Adonis, another Werebeast was on the loose, which turned out to be Adonis. They both fought each other until Beast Boy prevailed, with both of them returning to normal. Adonis shows up at a later time on a muscle beach to challenge the Titans wearing another similar battlesuit, but Cyborg who was at the time powered by the Maximum-7 processor defeated him singlehandedly, destroying the battlesuit.


  • He is named after Adonis, the lover of Aphrodite in classical mythology who came to be the representation of male beauty.



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