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Quote1.png When I find out someone murdered an innocent person, or sold somebody heroin, or did some graffiti, and I kill that person with my bare hands, their eyeballs popping out of their skulls, you think that gives me pleasure? Well, it does! It gives you pleasure, too, Peacemaker. That's 'cause we're born killers. What separates us from other killers is we only kill bad people. Usually. Unless there's a mistake. Quote2.png
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Vigilante (real name Adrian Chase) is an enthusiastic but dimwitted sadist who kills anyone he deems fit to die in the name of justice. He is fiercely loyal to his idol and friend, Peacemaker, and works alongside him on Project Butterfly.


Adrian Chase was born on June 30, 1991, and was raised in Evergreen, Washington. At some point, his family was killed, which drove him to become the happy-go-lucky sadist known as "Vigilante", donning a black, green, and white costume to hide his identity. An expert in weapons and combat, Vigilante brutally murdered criminals for even minor offenses like graffiti, all in the name of justice.

Partners in crimefighting

Eventually, Vigilante met Peacemaker, a vainglorious vigilante who murdered criminals in the name of peace. Vigilante heavily idolized Peacemaker, and the two became friends, teaming up on several occasions along with Peacemaker's pet eagle Eagly, all while Vigilante kept his identity secret from Peacemaker to protect him. In 2017, Peacemaker was arrested, but over the next four years, Vigilante continued fighting crime in Evergreen on his own, and got a job as a busboy at the Italian restaurant Fennel Fields.[1][2][3]

Project Butterfly

Cheering up a friend

In 2021, Peacemaker returned to Evergreen, and when he reunited with Vigilante, revealed he was killing people for the government to stay out of prison. Vigilante was happy to see his friend again, but Peacemaker revealed he was starting to feel disillusioned with his mission, and wondered if killing for peace was worth it. To cheer him up, Vigilante took him out to the woods for some target practice, and even joined Peacemaker's government black-ops team Project Butterfly on their mission to assassinate Royland Goff, a senator believed to be an alien "Butterfly" in disguise.[2][1]

Goff tortures Vigilante

While on a stakeout with his no-nonsense field handler Emilia Harcourt, Peacemaker found himself unable to kill Goff and his family, so Vigilante took the sniper rifle from his friend and killed Goff's family for him. Before he could kill Goff himself, though, Vigilante and Peacemaker were attacked and captured by Judomaster, Goff's bodyguard. In a cave under his mansion, Goff tortured Vigilante to get Peacemaker to reveal what he knew, but Peacemaker escaped and killed Goff. He freed Vigilante, and learned his secret identity, allowing the two to bond more than before. The two also discovered the true intent of Project Butterfly: an attempt to assassinate people with bodies taken over by butterfly-like parasites.[1]



  • Vigilante-mobile: Adrian drives a Chrysler Sebring he calls a Vigilante-mobile.[1]


  • Pistols
  • Machine gun
  • Rifle
  • Sword
  • Chainsaw
  • Dual knives
  • Compound bow and arrows


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