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Quote1 It's not a question of trust. I just don't like you. Quote2
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Adrian Paratino was the assistant of the leader of the Order of Purity, Leland McCauley and he also worked as the Order's main investigator.

When the Order decided to look a replacement for their current Azrael, Abraham Arlington, Parantino gathered information about several candidates and chose Michael Lane because of his exclusive past. Parantino was in charge of contacting Lane and summoning to the Order's headquarters, where they informed him about their proposal, but during this meeting they were attacked by the Seven Men of Death[1]

Parantino and the others took the corpse of their former leader, Leland McCauley to the hospital and kept the whole event as a secret. There, they were confronted by Lane, who wanted to know the truth about the Suit of Sorrows and they allowed Lane to see what had happened to Arlington.[2]