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Quote1.png You wanna know my past? Okay. Happily. It's a matter of public record that by seventeen both my parents were dead, leaving me alone. I guess you could say I've always been alone. I mean, they say I'm the smartest man in the world, but the truth is I've often felt stupid at being unable to relate to anybody. Well... anyone living, that is. The only person with whom I felt any kinship died three hundred years before the birth of Christ. Alexander of Macedonia. His vision of a united world, well... it was unprecedented. I wanted... needed to match his accomplishments, and so I resolved to apply antiquity's teachings to our world today, and so began my path to conquest. Conquest not of men, but of the evils that beset them. Fossil fuels. Oil. Nuclear power. Like a drug, and you, gentlemen, along with foreign interests, are the pushers. Quote2.png
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Adrian Veidt, better known as Ozymandias, is a former crimefighter and the world's smartest man. He caused a series of explosions around the world that he blamed on Doctor Manhattan, united the world against a common enemy and stopping nuclear holocaust.

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Ozymandias filled out Captain Metropolis's role in forming the Watchmen and rather than dispatching an "alien" attack on New York City, was instrumental in devastating the world's major cities with exploding energy reactors he helped Doctor Manhattan create; therefore framing Manhattan as being responsible and serving as a common enemy of a more united humanity.