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Adrianna Tereshkova is a cosmonaut covered in a silver skin who is an agent of Jacob Marlowe.

Adrianna Tereshkova was born in Russia at some point in the second half of the 20th century. She trained as an astronaut. In 1986, she ended up working as part of a mission for Skywatch, a secret space program. The mission was codenamed "Incision", and was based on the theory that a dimension under the universe, nicknamed "the Bleed" by researchers, would be faster to travel through.

The mission was a failure, with the craft being crushed in transition and the crew being shredded. But in the Bleed, Adrianna's remains were found by something, who reassembled her and sent her back to Earth.

As a result of this experience, Adrianna now had the ability to teleport around the world using the Bleed. She was found by Jacob Marlowe, who offered her a home. She accepted.[1]

Everyone Is Looking Up

Although she was preoccupied at the time, Adrianna was part of Marlowe's response to the public appearance of Angie Spica,[2] teleporting herself and Marlowe's other agents, Cole Cash and Kenesha, to the woman.[3] She received a shocking head injury during an ensuing firefight, but recovered with amazing speed once the offending shrapnel was removed.

Teleporting her group away from an explosion, she vowed to bring Angie in on her own.[4] Tracking her down to a diner in Rhode Island, she explained that Jacob Marlowe wanted to help her. She was successful in convincing Angie to come back with her.[1]


  • Unique Physiology - Adrianna's body is silver, with some extremities (fingers, toes and ears), but not others (no facial feature or navel). She does not register on medical scans as having human internal organs.


  • Space Suit: Adrianna's habitual costume is a Russian space flight suit, possibly the same one she wore when she was empowered.