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Quote1.png The powers that be have sent me to prepare you for the coming war. Take my hand, Marlowe. You shall suffer no more. Your life shall never be the same... Quote2.png
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Adrianna Tereshkova was the first Void. Merged with the Orb of Power, she could see into the future and teleport, though at the cost of her personality. She was a member of the WildC.A.T.s.

Adrianna Tereshkova was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Adrianna and her sister Svetlana were raised by their father after the death of their mother. Her father loved Adrianna and her ambition to become a cosmonaut and encouraged her with legends of the Archangel after whom the village was named. In their tales, the Archangel was a creature made of silver who would take chosen ones to the stars.

When Adrianna was sixteen, her sister died in a car accident. Adrianna never went to the funeral, but found comfort with a musician. Her father disapproved and one year after Svetlana's death, he confronted her, drunk. Adrianna was his sadness and dedicated herself to becoming a cosmonaut again.

Adrianna achieved the rank of major and was sent into outer space on July 28th, 1980, 3 months after her father died of heart failure. In space, during extra-vehicular activity, Adrianna saw a sphere made of silver, which collided with their space shuttle, destroying it. A second sphere landed on Earth in Antarctica where it was collected by the American government organization International Operations (I.O.).

In the far future, the spheres had been part of Omnia, Mistress of Light. Omnia would lose her final battle against the darkness, but could not be destroyed. Instead, her power was dispersed into many small Orbs of Power. Another of these Orbs was bound to Cassandra Newland, who would turn into the enigmatic 'Providence'.

The Orb and Adrianna merged and became Void. Void had precognition allowing her to see the future, but her control was imperfect and she could see only fragments. In 1990, Void met Jacob Marlowe, a homeless drifter who suffered amnesia. Void informed Jacob about his past as the Kherubim Lord Emp. Over the next two years, Emp would build a financial empire and gathered a group of warriors to form the WildC.A.T.s. Void created them to prevent the Daemonite Helspont from abusing the Orb of Power I.O. had found. Before Helspont could use it, a criminal known as the Gnome stole the Orb. He too tried to abuse it, but Emp threw the Orb into a cold fusion reactor. Void revealed that in a previous timeline, the Gnome had killed her, but part of her was able to go back in time and influenced Void to get help before battling the Gnome.

During her time with the WildC.A.T.s, Void came to learn of two other Orbs of power: Providence had become a member of Helspont's Cabal and often came in conflict with the WildC.A.T.s. The other Orb was in the possession of the mad Kherubim Lord Entropy. When Entropy kidnapped Emp and restored his memory, Void sensed the use of the Orb and took the WildC.A.T.s to him. They defeated Entropy and he and the Orb disappeared. Shortly afterwards, Void fought Providence, who had allied with the witch Tapestry. Tapestry betrayed Providence by refusing to hand over the captive Void to her. Tapestry used her magic to merge Providence and Void, enslaving them both. Tapestry was defeated though and Providence and Void returned to normal, though now they could no longer sense each other's presence.

When the WildC.A.T.s faced the alien Crusade, Crusade hit Void, dislodging her face. Her face fell like a mask to the floor and human reporters saw that there was nothing but emptiness behind it. Confronted with her loss of humanity, Void fled. When she returned Savant helped her deal with her loss by talking to the reporters telling them about the sacrifices she made for the human race. Void convinced Lord Emp to return to the WildC.A.T.s and her powers of time travel were essential during their following mission battling the time-traveling Puritans who wanted to prevent the Kherubim and Daemonites from ever landing on Earth. The strain of being a temporal anchor and making several timejumps were too much for Void and she disappeared, leaving the WildC.A.T.s stranded in ancient Rome. She eventually made her way back to the present due to the Gnome trying to recreate his Orb of Power. Void's essence was used for the Orb, but DV8 interfered with his plans and their member Copycat, guided by Providence, managed to restore Void to her regular self. Soon afterwards, the WildC.A.T.s disbanded following the apparent death of Zealot.

Void became more and more inhuman over the years; where Void and Adrianna were once one and the same, now their personalities started to diverge. Finally Adrianna had enough; Void's inhumanity was driving her insane. Inside her mind, Adrianna and Void met, and Adrianna asked Void to finally release her soul. Void agreed as she no longer needed a human host.

Adrianna's spirit moved on and Void appeared in the Halo Corporation, home of former Wildcat Spartan, now known as Jack Marlowe. Void started working for Jack Marlowe, who was studying Void's ability of teleportation. When she teleported, Void moved through Otherspace, a dimension filled with energy. Marlowe's assistant, Noir, saw the possibilities in harvesting Otherspace, but he saw Void as a threat. He sabotaged a nuclear reactor, causing a leak. The leak caused Void's physical form to slowly break down. Marlowe did what he could to cure Void, but in the end found out that without Adrianna, Void had no will to live. Marlowe offered his robotic body as a new host and Void and Marlowe, merged, vastly increasing Marlowe's already impressive powers.

Armageddon and Worldstorm

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A paramedic named Nikola Hanssen became one with the Void entity and became the new Void.


  • Orb of Power: Void is a woman who has bonded with this celestial orb and entity, and is driven by forces she often cannot understand though she retains heavy control over them. 'How' she does what she does is largely unexplained, yet her abilities, nature, and purpose are integral to the status of the team. She is a key part of it all, existing in order to manipulate events and help guide the champions of the Earth in their battle against evil. Her powers are indeed cosmic yet psionic in nature. It is important to note that while she does not function as a 'true' psion her overall psionic power or powers and nature related to those forces is greater then an entire team of Psi-Ops at I/O.
    • Omni-Teleportation: The most noteworthy and obvious of Void's abilities, is her ability to teleport virtually anywhere within a global radius. Accompanied by a loud *VNNNN* sound and the smell of fresh peaches. She can cross hemisphere's with little difficulty. Transport herself and others across thousands of miles with even artificial barriers such as force fields, doing little to stop her coming. Void seems to possess an instinctual and constant awareness of where she is going when she teleports as there is never any risk of her teleporting into a wall, or into someone even if she is going to a place she has never actually been to before. Her natural clairvoyant talents may be the reason behind this. Void is limited not by distance but by mass. The more she tries to teleport, the more off her teleportation attempt may be. When attempting to teleport a huge restaurant crowd for example just outside, she ended up misjumping all the way from Washington D.C. to New York City. She could not teleport the massive Dozer during Fire From Heaven, nor could she just drop an over sized Maul onto a group of people. The more mass involved in her attempt to port, the more difficult it is, and she may literally miss her mark by hundreds or even thousands of miles.
    • Clairvoyance: Void possess powerful Clairvoyant abilities that grant her an intuitive awareness of her environment on a cosmic level. She is capable of searching for and monitoring various events happening across the globe and is also slightly empathic as well. She can use her clairvoyant talent to locate others and sense their approximate status and keep track of multiple events happening. The exact limitations of this power have not been established just yet, however when she is utilizing her clairvoyant abilities she is /highly/ susceptible to attacks and power surges both cosmic and psionic in nature. Her expanded awareness leaves her open and vulnerable to the point that extreme uses of power near the area she may be monitoring can leave her shocked and seriously harmed if she is not prepared ahead of time.
    • Precognition: Void is capable of sensing future events and coming major junctions in the time stream. She is able, via visions, to sense upcoming situations and major crossroads. Most of the time, these precognitive flashes come in the form of waking dreams, although she has received them before during meditative periods. She cannot arbitrarily choose to try and view the future. It is simply part of her inherent nature, given that the thing she is bonded with exists at the same time in multiple time streams and dimensions.
    • Astral Projection: Void is capable of pseudo astral projection and mental healing as she once entered the dreamscape of Voodoo in an attempt to bring her out of her coma. While Voodoo's own will and power are what in the end did it, Void is still capable of astral combat and exploring the recesses of the mind.
    • Time Travel: The very nature of the Void entity, does allow Adrianna to make use of the time stream and travel back and forth along it. Either into the past or into potential future settings. She however has a deep awareness of the nature of time and time travel and as such, does not wantonly abuse this ability except in the most dire of circumstances. Also it is extremely draining and difficult to do as the further away from the present she goes, the more strain she places upon herself. If she goes to far away from her initial jumping point, she literally discorporate's though likely temporarily.
    • Telekinesis: Void has fairly powerful telekinetic abilities. Via telekinesis she is capable of flight and able to erect force fields to protect herself and others, able to levitate and temporarily freeze and contain others as well. The exact amount of force she can exert is unknown yet fairly powerful, at least within the 50 to 75 ton range. Her force fields are not completely protective as they have buckled before under the assaults of those such as Helspont and Lord Entropy.
    • Quantum Energy Manipulation: Void is capable of manipulating quantum energy fields and generating vast degrees of energy. Mostly she generates these energies and projects them outward from her in the form of devastating blasts of quantum force of undetermined strength. Her peer, Providence has demonstrated that she can manipulate the same energies yet to greater degrees.
    • Orb Awareness: Void has a keen awareness of other 'Orbs of Power' since due to their common origin they all are somewhat linked together. She and Providence, as both prophets of the orb, both are mildly aware of each other at all times and can even detect the use of the greater 'Orbs' over large distances.


  • Inhuman Nature: A downside to her powers was that as Void she was cold and distant, though she had emotions. When the Void entity became stronger, Void became more and more inhuman.

Void has appeared in the following non-WildStorm Image publications: Savage Dragon #13 (Erik Larsen version) and 41.



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