Adrienne Williams used to be the girlfriend of Bruce Wayne in his high school days and later became a criminal.

Adrienne studied with Bruce Wayne at the Robinson High School and the two eventually fell in love. She was the first girl he kissed and the last one he kissed, before he left for Asia. He did tell her that he was leaving, which left her depressed. She eventually married a criminal, hoping to feel the thrill and also joining him in his criminal acts. During one of them, her husband was killed by the police, but she successfully got away.[1]

Bruce later tracked her down to Toth's Tavern in Downtown Gotham and pretended that he only coincidentally met her. As they drank a few drinks, Adrienne asked him to walk with her along the Gotham River, where they reminisced about the old days before he left. She told him what had become of her life, before confessing what recently happened to her, while he offered her emotional support.[1]



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