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"Superboy: "Supergirl in Smallville!"": After secretly helping one of her fellow orphans get adopted with the use of her super-powers, Supergirl becomes sad that Superman changes his orders, and she has to remain an orphan. She comes up with an

Quote1.png Back... back... back I'll go... to the time when Superman was Superboy, long before he even knew I existed! Quote2.png
Supergirl, in her thoughts

Adventure Comics #278 is an issue of the series Adventure Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1960. It was published on September 29, 1960.

Synopsis for Superboy: "Supergirl in Smallville!"

After secretly helping one of her fellow orphans get adopted with the use of her super-powers, Supergirl becomes sad that Superman changes his orders, and she has to remain an orphan. She comes up with an idea: proving to Superman that she can be adopted and maintain her secret identity without anyone knowing, just like Superman did when he was Superboy in Smallville. Changing into Supergirl and sending out her Linda Lee robot to take her place, Supergirl travels back in time to Smallville at a time when Superboy was active in the area.

She introduces herself to Ma and Pa Kent and reveals her identity and tells them of her plan. They decide to go along with the plan, and keep her identity secret even to young Clark Kent to see if they can fool him as well. When Superboy suddenly returns home, Supergirl narrowly gets away unseen. She then returns as "Linda Kent" and is introduced to young Clark as a cousin from out of town. Over the next few days she succeeds in keeping her identity secret from even Clark. When an accidental fire breaks out in a department store that Linda is shopping in, she is forced to allow Superboy to rescue her to maintain her secret (although, she finds the whole episode secretly amusing.)

Later when Superboy accidentally stumbles upon a chunk of Green Kryptonite during a thunderstorm, he calls for one of his Superboy robots to dispose of it. However, the robot is destroyed when it's struck by lightning, and so Supergirl goes into action, sealing herself in the robot's shell (making her immune to the Kryptonite) and secretly saving her cousins life. Later, Supergirl accidentally falls for one of Lana's traps to expose Clark Kent as Superboy, when Ma Kent has Krypto cover for her.

Later still, while Superboy is helping build the Midvale Orphanage (where she would end up in the future) Linda is almost struck by a car and is forced to use her super powers to avoid the driver getting injured without being in her costume, and has to make for a quick get away before the guy can remember her face. Finally she secretly saves an icebreaker from being trapped in ice.

However, upon returning to the Kent residence she flies in through the window instead of using Superboy's tunnel to get into the Kent home, effectively failing her test. Upset for making such a mistake, Supergirl realizes that she still needs to work on maintaining her secret identity, and returns to her own time to resume her usual life, hoping that some day she will prove crafty enough to not make mistakes and be allowed to be adopted.

Appearing in Superboy: "Supergirl in Smallville!"

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Other Characters:

  • Nancy (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Jones (Single appearance)
  • Mrs. Jones (Single appearance)
  • Jane (Single appearance)



Synopsis for Congo Bill: "Janu of the Apes!"

While repairing his Magic Ring, Congo Bill is called away to a village upriver. Janu completes the repair, and decides to take the opportunity to switch bodies and, for the first time, become Congorilla.

A group of Fortune Hunters mistake Janu's now wild body for the missing son of Lord Ronson; for whom there is a $100,000 reward; and leave with him in tow. Congorilla sees that his human body has been taken, and follows the hunters until he finally frees the body of Janu from their clutches.

Freed from his cage, however, Janu still has the mind of a gorilla and tries to join a band of wild gorillas. Before his body is killed, Congorilla steps in and defeats the alpha male. As victor, he now leads the band.

Safe from the gorillas, Congorilla rubs his ring and returns to his human form as Janu. And Congo Bill returns none-the-wiser with a wild boy that the native tribe upstream captured - the actual son of Lord Ronson - who Congo Bill returns for the $100,000 reward.

Appearing in Congo Bill: "Janu of the Apes!"

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  • Fortune Hunters (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Band of Gorillas
  • Lord Ronson (Single appearance)
  • Lord Ronson's Son (Single appearance)




  • Jeep
  • Wagon

Synopsis for Aquaman: "Aqualad Goes to School!"

One day Aquaman decides that Aqualad should get an education, just like Aquaman did as a child, and so he takes his young ward to a sea-side schoolhouse. There the principal agrees to take in Aqualad, but in order to decide which grade he belongs in he must be tested. After spending a two weeks in Miss Pine's class to gauge his intelligence before taking a test to figure out what grade he'd belong in. However the day before the exam, Aqualad is hit in the head while on a mission to save some sail boaters who's ship sunk, effectively erasing his short term memory. Fearing Aqualad would forget the answers to a test that, under normal circumstances, Aqualad would pass, Aquaman decides to utilize the help of his undersea pals to help Aqualad pass the test.

As Aqualad is being given an oral test by Miss Pine, Aquaman and the sea creatures all give the boy hints through a near by window. After the test is scored, the principal tells Aqualad that he passed with top marks and that he will be placed in Miss Pine's class full time. Returning to the ocean, Aqualad comments on how strange it was for the sea animals to give him hints as to what the answers were, Aquaman -- playing coy -- agreed that, yes, it was indeed strange.

Appearing in Aquaman: "Aqualad Goes to School!"

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Other Characters:

  • Mr. Tracey (Single appearance)
  • Miss Pine (Single appearance)


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