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"Legion of Super-Heroes: "The Outcast Super-Heroes!"": Superboy and Supergirl are summoned to the 31st Century by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Upon their arrival the two Kryptonians begin to feel weak and are quickly ushered into the Legion's club house. There they are informed by Brainiac 5 that

Quote1.png I'm tiny enough to enter Superboy's head through one of his nostrils. I'm so microscopic, it looks like a huge cavern! Quote2.png
Shrinking Violet

Adventure Comics #350 is an issue of the series Adventure Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1966. It was published on September 29, 1966.

Synopsis for Legion of Super-Heroes: "The Outcast Super-Heroes!"

Superboy and Supergirl are summoned to the 31st Century by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Upon their arrival the two Kryptonians begin to feel weak and are quickly ushered into the Legion's club house. There they are informed by Brainiac 5 that a cloud of Kryptonite has enveloped the Earth. Brainiac explains that this particular bunch of Kryptonite, after passing through a strange nebula, has become attracted to Earth's magnetic field and will not dissipate for at least two years. Superboy and Supergirl watch as the other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes fail to destroy or send away the cloud of Kryptonite. They decide to give up when Element Lad's powers threaten to cause an explosive chain reaction should he use them to turn the Kryptonite into a more harmless substance.

With no other choice, Superboy and Supergirl agree to be honorably discharged from the Legion until the danger passes and the Invisible Kid has the unfortunate task of collecting back all of their Legion related trophies from the past. Further in order to protect the Legion's secrets, Superboy and Supergirl agree to have Kryptonite capsules implanted into their brains so that it represses all memories of their adventures with the Legion and any memory of the groups existence. When Shrinking Violet places the capsule inside Superboy's brain, she is attacked by his immune system. In order to save her life, Superboy is ordered to cry. Thinking of his parents and the destruction of Krypton, Superboy succeeds in shedding tears so that Shrinking Violet can escape through it. The two Kryptonians are then returned to their proper times with no memories of where they have been.

Shortly after their departure the Legion of Super-Heroes are visited by two lead armor clad beings calling themselves Sir Prize and Miss Terious who have come to join the Legion. They are accepted as they were chosen to be replacements for Superboy and Supergirl, however they join the group under the condition that nobody attempts to reveal their identities. When the Legion is alerted of a robbery at the Interplanetary Bank, Invisible Kid takes Colossal Boy, Lightning Lad, Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl to stop the robbery and allows for Sir Prize and Miss Terious to accompany them. Sir Prize's gloating attitude and secret identity trouble both Ferro Lad and Brainiac 5 who do not trust these new comers to the group.

Moments earlier, on the planet Tartarus, the evil Prince Evilo gathers his lieutenants known as the Devil's Dozen which includes the witch named Hag, the water keg carrying Sugyn, the satyr named the Wild Huntsman, and Apollo named after the Greek god of old. He instructs the group that they will stage a series of four different robberies, and sends Apollo to rob the Interplanetary Bank. The bank is protected by a number of large alien creatures, however Apollo's harp playing tames the beasts into subservience allowing them to rob the bank and keep away anyone who attempts to stop them.

When the Legion arrives, they find their hands full fighting off the creatures that protect the bank. During the fight, Lightning Lad expresses his concern over his lover Saturn Girl's involvement and the Legion members become suspicious that Sir Prize might really be Superboy in disguise. With their combined forces they manage to trip up the alien defenders and get into the bank. There, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad attempt to stop Apollo, however Apollo uses his powers to enthrall Saturn Girl and when Lightning Lad attempts to stop him he tosses crystal creatures from the planet Rojun on his mechanical arm. When Lightning Lad realizes that the creatures feed on metal, he attempts to use his lightning powers to blast them off his arm, however their crystalline nature causes his powers to short circuit knocking him out. Apollo manages to escape, and Sir Prize's sympathy for Lightning Lad's injury leads Saturn Girl to suspect that their mystery member is really Superboy.

Back at the Legion Club-House the group recounts their failed attempt at stopping Apollo when they are contacted by their financier, the richest man in the universe who is being robbed. Invisible Kid takes Cosmic Boy, Ferro Lad, and Matter-Eater Lad along with him and once more grant Sir Prize and Miss Terious to tag along with them. Mon-El and Ultra Boy are further suspicious of these two new comers, and despite Invisible Kid's warning not to do so, Ultra Boy uses his Ultra Vision to try and see through their new members disguises.

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  • Chameleon Boy makes a cheeky Fourth Wall-breaking reference to rival comic hero Spider-Man.

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