"Legion of Super-Heroes: "The War of the Legions!"": With their attempt at using Ferro Man as a means to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Legion of Super-Villains decide to try again, this time more directly. To give them an added edge in battle they have inducted two new members: The fir

Adventure Comics #355 is an issue of the series Adventure Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1967. It was published on February 28, 1967.

Synopsis for Legion of Super-Heroes: "The War of the Legions!"

With their attempt at using Ferro Man as a means to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Legion of Super-Villains decide to try again, this time more directly. To give them an added edge in battle they have inducted two new members: The fire wielding Blaze Beauty, and the sound generating Echo.

Back at the Legionnaires headquarters, the adult Legion members thank Superman for his help and Brainiac 5 accompanies the Man of Steel to the "Time Lane" where Superman flies through the time barrier to return to his own time. No sooner as Superman's departure does the Legion of Super-Villains strike, using a strange craft to capture Brainiac 5. Some hours later as Cosmic Man, Lightning Man and Saturn Woman ponder what has happened to Branaic 5 are they contacted by Lightning Lord via a holographic projection. He tells them that Brainiac 5 is a prisoner of the Legion of Super-Villains, and to get him back they must follow his instructions. These instructions are teleported into their hands in sealed envelopes. Reading them, they learn that each Legion member has been designated a specific location to go to in the next fifteen minutes, each location has a clue as to Brainiac 5's whereabouts.

Cosmic Man to Echo Canyon where he is attacked by Echo who uses his sound powers to his advantage in the echo producing canyons. Echo, however proves to be no match for Cosmic Man who uses his magnetic powers to magnetically repel the air around Echo causing him to black out. With his foe defeated Cosmic Man collects the clue and leaves. Saturn Woman flies to the Universe Fair in Metropolis where she is attacked by Saturn Queen. Saturn Queen uses her mental powers to make the frenzied crowd attack Saturn Woman, however Saturn Woman uses her mental powers to put everyone to sleep and easily defeats Saturn Queen in hand-to-hand combat. Lightning Man and Lightning Lord clash at the Metropolis Electric Company, with Lightning Lord using the atomic dynamos to boost his powers to levels where he can harm Lightning Man. The bout ends with Lightning Man channeling the opposite current into the dynamos causing feedback that knocks his evil brother out. On the volcanic plain on the Island of Java, Polar Man is seemingly outmatched by Blaze Beauty. When she gains the upper hand by surrounding Polar Man with flame, he uses it as cover to tunnel his way behind Blaze Beauty and freeze her solid. Element Man and Cosmic King clash at a chemical laboratory and find their transmutation powers equally matched, however the Element Man succeeds in beating him in hand to hand combat.

Reuniting, the Legion members put their clues together to learn the location where Branaic 5 is being held. Unknown to them, the Legion of Super-Villains are waiting, having sent life-like duplicates of themselves to fight in their places so as to lure the Legion of Super-Heroes into a trap. The heroes are easily defeated but, before the Legion of Super-Villains can kill their enemies, two new costumed being appear. Using their superior powers this duo easily defeats the Legion of Super-Villains. When the battle is over, these mystery saviors unmask revealing themselves to be the 30th Century descendants of Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk. They explain that they wanted to make up for their ancestors past evil deeds by joining up with the Legion, however realizing that they would not be easily trusted they created their disguises to prove themselves as valued allies. Impressed by the duo, the Legion accept them into their ranks.

Appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes: "The War of the Legions!"

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Synopsis for Legion of Super-Heroes: "The Six-Legged Legionnaire"

Superboy is on patrolling Smallville when he notices that a bunch of his classmates are participating in a charity parade. He remembers that he was supposed to carry a sign and rushes off to change into Clark Kent in a phone booth, unaware that Lana Lang has spied him enter the booth. However, she uncharacteristically lets Superboy know and looks away so that she doesn't learn his secret identity. Later as Clark Kent, Lana tells him that she overcame her curiosity and resisted the urge to peek at Superboy changing into his civilian guise, Clark muses that Superboy will likely reward her for overcoming her curiosity.

Sure enough, after the parade, Superboy arrives at Lana's home and takes her with him to the 30th Century while he goes on a meeting with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Left to her own devices while Superboy attends his Legion meeting, Lana puts on her Insect Queen costumes and uses her Bio-Ring to better travel around the future. When she spies a space shuttle about to crash she uses her insect powers to save if from disaster. Aboard the ship is Dream Girl, who commends Insect Queen for a job that was worthy of a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. This inspires Lana to go to the Legion of Super-Heroes' Clubhouse and petitions them for membership. The group rejects her for membership pledge as her powers are artificial in nature.

The Legion then get a distress call from Ice City in Antarctica, claiming that an alien is attacking the city. Invisible Kid sends Chameleon Boy, Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy to check it out. As they are leaving Insect Queen asks Dream Girl if she can see disaster in their future. Dream Girl confirms this and warns Lana not to use her powers to turn into a moth as it will doom the group if she does. Convincing Superboy of the danger the two rush to Ice City, there they and the other Legion members are contacted by the alien villain, a being known as Oggar-Kon. Oggar-Kon tells them that he was a powerful criminal with mind-over-matter powers and was frozen in a chunk of ice and jettisoned into space. However a comet would strike his frozen form sending him to Earth, and freeing him from his imprisonment, and is now seeking to take over the Earth.

Oggar-Kon attacks Ice City and the Legion with a series of high-tech devices that trip up the various Legion members, however Insect Queen counteracts each trap by turning into a different insect. When Superboy is doused with Kryptonite powder, she is forced to go against Dream Girl's warnings and turn into a sphinx moth form to vibrate the Kryptonite off of Superboy, however in the process she shakes her ring off her finger. Chameleon Boy then uses his shape-shifting powers to crush Oggar-Kon's ship, allowing Superboy to take the villain into custody.

After, with Lana trapped in her insect form until they find the Bio-Ring to change her back to normal, the Legion search all over the place for it, however Light Lass finds it in the most unlikely place: The secret pouch within Superboy's cape. With the ring returned to Lana she uses it to return to normal. After their episode in the 30th Century, Lana and Superboy return to their own time where Lana is rewarded with honorary membership within the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes: "The Six-Legged Legionnaire"

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