"Supergirl: "The Maid of Doom!"": This story is reprinted from Action Comics #306.

Quote1.png So that's who's behind all this!? An alien from another dimension who's pulled us into his! I'd better set him straight -- so he'll send us back! Quote2.png

Adventure Comics #398 is an issue of the series Adventure Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1970.

Appearing in Supergirl: "The Maid of Doom!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mister Mxyzptlk (phony)
  • Agent Sklor (A Plasmo from Mutor) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for Supergirl: "The Maid of Doom!"

This story is reprinted from Action Comics #306.

Supergirl is given a mission from the U.N. to deliver messages of peace to three hostile worlds. One of those worlds is the planet Mutor, ruled by a race of shape-shifters called Plasmos.

Back on Earth, Supergirl approaches Streaky and Krypto and they appear to die when they are touched by Kara, surrounded with a strange blue glow. Horrified, Kara deduces she must have picked up some odd form of radiation poisoning while in space.

Supergirl heads to the Fortress but she cannot find a cause or a cure. After accidentally killing Mxypztlk and Comet, and watching their bodies vanish, Supergirl decides to banish herself to the past so everyone is safe from her. Then Superman shows up and convinces her to banish herself to the Phantom Zone until a cure is found.

Kal tells Kara to fly to the Fortress and go back with the Phantom Zone Projector. Superman sends his cousin to the Zone, and then he reveals he is not Superman. He is Sklor, a Mutorian secret agent sent to prepare Earth for conquest by eliminating Supergirl and Superman. First, imitating Supergirl, Sklor tricked Superman, Krypto, Streaky, Comet, and the Kandorians into going to the 40th Century. Then he imitated Superman, Krypto, Streaky, Comet, and Mr. Mxyzptlk in succession, and pretended to die and glow blue when Supergirl touched him to convince her she has gained the "touch of death" for super-beings.

Back on Mutor, the Plasmos are planning their attack when Supergirl arrives and reveals she was never banished to the Zone: she figured their whole scheme out and decided to play along.

Seeing their best agent was outwitted by one of the champions of Earth, the Plasmos agree to sign a peace treaty and abandon war forever.

Appearing in Supergirl: "Catcher in the Sky"

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Tommy (Single appearance)
  • Griml (giant alien boy)



  • Portable Dimension Grappler (Single appearance)

Synopsis for Supergirl: "Catcher in the Sky"

Supergirl, investigating the disappearance of an aircraft carrier, follows two vanishing planes. All of them are pulled into another dimension and turn up on the examination table of a gigantic alien child, who has stolen his father's dimensional grappler to bring in objects and tiny people from another dimension.

Supergirl gets the attention of the child's father, and, just before they are sent back to their normal dimension, the humans see the child's father giving his son a spanking.


  • The story "The Maid of Doom!" is reprinted from Action Comics #306
  • This issue features a couple of splash pages written by Mike Sekowsky and illustrated by Dick Giordano, with background information about Supergirl's new costume. For instance, the pages explain that the new costume is a combination of the designs send by fans Louise Ann Kelley and Jean Bray. There is also various mentions to other fans who send their ideas along with a preview of the next issue.


  • "Catcher in the Sky" is a reference to the novel "The Catcher in the Rye"

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